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•  Inst Asst 3/General - Provo High School
Summer school position helping students with credit recovery. Mon-Thurs 7:30am-1:30pm
•  Inst Asst 4/General - Timpview High School
INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT 1 INTERVENTION (61-816) GAP TEACHER The job of Instructional Assistant 1 Intervention was established for the purpose/s o ...
•  Inst Asst 4 / Behavior Spec - Provo Peaks Elementary
29 hours/week- The schedule is somewhat flexible  The job of Inst Asst 4 / Behavior Spec is done for the purpose/s of supporting the school& ...
•  Inst Asst 3/General - Edgemont Elementary
Edgemont Elementary is a STEAM integrated school as well as a DLI French Immersion school.  Our teachers integrated engineering, science, math, t ...
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